A fun collection of  6,654 unique NFT characters.

MOJIS is an NFT collection made up of digitally unique collectibles, all hand-drawn by the world renowned street artist & digital illustrator, Ciprian Popesu.

Have you noticed how over time the emojis that we use in our everyday life slowly start to loose their sauce?

It’s about time we upgrade to smothing along these lines:

a little more YASSSSS QUEEN & less BYE BOOMER.

First NFT for Everyday Life
Use your own MOJI


Artist / Founder

Juan Chavez


Brian Esposito


Zac Vidal

Artist / Founder

Ken Patel


Wing Lam


Cookie Head

Mojis Skater


Mojis Skater


Hi, my name is Ciprian Popescu, but you can call me Mr MOJI. 

I’m an illustrator & street artist established near Honolulu, Hawaii. From an early age, I have harbored a passion for drawing and creating many different types of arts. My work features strong and defined lines with a series of fun & creative characters & elements. Although I spend numerous hours with digital illustrations, I also create physical art that has been featured in many expositions & galleries. 

Mojifesto: Develop a brand that inspires, entertains and encourages the community to express their feelings, emotions, ideas or childlike persona; to once again Imagine, Believe, Dare, Do. A brand that revives the child in us and reminds us that it’s okay to feel again, have emotions, be creative & have so much fun.


MOJIS has officially partnered up with Wahoo’s the iconic restraunt that has been around for 34+ years. This joint venture aims to bring fun & creativity to over 50 restraunts in America & Japan

Mojis is the very first official NFT collection by the famous street artist Mr MOJI. Mr MOJI brings his unique pop culture/street art touch, to the digital World of Emojis.

The Mojis are inspired by the emojis that we use in our day-to-day communication through various devices and mix the unique touch from our artist to create truly amazing pieces of art which are aimed to be used as a replacement from the "boring" regular emojis that you can find in your phones and tablets.

There will be a total of 6,654 Mojis in the collection, each with its own set of traits and rarities. Our amazing artist is working hard to hand-draw each of the NFTs to look truly unique and almost 1-1 like. There will of course be legendary ones as well.

MOJIS has high hopes and aspirations for the NFT Collection & for the entire community. We will be creating a Brand that integrates the feeling of fun for both the MOJI-LAND (in real life) and the MOJIVERSE (Metaverse).

Mint price is completely free. Building brand awareness and giving back to the NFT community is more important in this phase than charging for a Mint.